Glirk Pasternakky, Internet Comedian

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Glirk Pasternakky, Internet Comedian (commercial)

Glirk Pasternakky is a standup comedian. . .well, really a "sit-down" comedian--BAZUMP! See, when he tried performing live, audiences didn't get his esoteric, post-modern, Kafakaesque take on the tropes of modern existence, so he took his act out of the clubs and onto the highway. . .THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY! That's right, he only performs online via social media. He is. . .the SOCIAL coMEDIA-an.

This short film has an ongoing social media component. You can get regular updates of Glirk’s comedic material at: on Facebook (“like” the page to subscribe), on Twitter (follow the twitter feed to subscribe), or by viewing the embedded Facebook feed below the following Vimeo clip.

Glirk Pasternakky Facebook Feed

I will be writing new comedic material for Glirk--AHEM-- I mean GLIRK will be constantly writing new material. Get updates as they’re created via the embedded Facebook feed below.